What kind of games are offered by Glimmer Limited 123?

We offer various casino games in our casino section. These are split by type which are : ‘Live Casino’ which include all our live dealer games which are Blackjack, Roulette and Punto Banco, ‘Casino Games’ which include virtual casino games by our providers Net ent , Portomaso Games, Playson and Yggdrasil

Are the games offered by Glimmer fair?

Yes, all the games offered by Glimmer run on a random number generator (RNG). The games and results are played completely at random. For more information on the RNG, click on the RNG button at the bottom of the page. The games offered in the Live Casino are dealt in real time by real casino dealers from ‘The Casino @ Portomaso’ in Malta. Furthermore games are regularly audited by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.


Are my rights and privacy as a player protected?

Glimmer Limited is licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority as indicated on the footer of the Portomaso Live (www.portomasolive.com) website. The Authority protects your rights as a player under the jurisdiction of Malta. With regards to your privacy, Glimmer pledges to never resell your information and only contact you according to your preference. Our detailed privacy policy is contained within our terms and conditions which you are obliged to accept when you become a Portomaso Live player.

Where can I find information on how to play the games?

You can learn more about a particular game by launching the game you wish to play and then click on “Rules”.

What kind of promotions do you offer?

All the promotions offered by Glimmer can be found by clicking on the ‘Promotions’ tab from the Portomaso Live website (www.portomasolive.com)

How do I know that I received a bonus?

Bonuses credited on the games powered by Portomaso Gaming can be seen at the top of the game screen by clicking a button named ‘Bonus’. When a bonus is credited in your Net Ent account, the bonus amount is included in your Net Ent account balance. In each case a member of our promotions team will inform you about the bonus credit by email.

What happens if I withdraw money prior to reaching the wagering requirement for bonuses?

All bonuses credited by Glimmer Limited have a wagering requirement before they can be transferred to the main account/withdrawn. If a player tries to withdraw the bonus prior to reaching the wagering requirements, such bonus and any winnings derived from it will be forfeited.


Do I require specific software to play?

www.portomasolive.com should work fine on every recent web browser available. However, www.portomasolive.com has been optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6.

Do I need to enable cookies?

Yes. In order to distinguish you from the other users logged on we use a cookie that is stored in your browser during your session at our casino.

How do I empty my browser’s cache?

Each browser has its own way to clean the cache and some have different names for it. Internet Explorer calls it ‘Temporary Internet Files’ folder which is accessible by clicking on Tools-Internet Options. For Google Chrome you need to click on the top right button and choose ‘History’ from the drop down menu. If you need further assistance in completing this operation contact Customer Support on : support@portomasolive.com or via live chat from the Portomaso Live website and you will be taken through the process of clearing your cache.


What happens if a game is disrupted before it is finished, for example if my internet connection is broken?

The next time you log in to Portomaso Live and play this game, it continues at exactly the point where you left. If the game was finished, but you never saw the result, you can request the result by sending an email to our customer support agents on: support@portomasolive.com

When I go to a game page, the animation does not stop but the game does not start. What’s the reason for this?

The cause can be:

  •  You have an unsupported browser
  •  You have disabled JavaScript
  •  Java error or Flash error may have stopped the game while initializing


How do I check my game transaction and results?

Log into your Portomaso Live Account. At the top of the screen, click on the € sign, and go to ‘Games History’ and from there you will be able to see all your game history for the Portomaso Gaming games. With regards to game activity in the Net Ent casino, you need to contact Customer Support to provide you with required details.

What happens if I change my mind after placing a bet? Is there a way I can remove said bet?

This depends on the game type. Our Live dealer games give you the option to remove the bet, however once the ‘no more bets’ pop up appears, placed and accepted bets cannot be removed. Bets placed on most of our other games, like slot games are automatically accepted once placed and cannot be removed.

What is the minimum age requirement for a player to hold a real money account with Glimmer?

To play at www.portomasolive.com you must be at least 18 years old. For Estonian citizens, the requirements are at least 21 years of age. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept real money players from USA.


I have changed my personal details, what do I do?

In order to change your personal details, you need to contact Customer Support via email on : support@portomasolive.com providing details of your account and the changes you require. You might also be required to provide documentation should such personal changes include your financial details.

Why do you require account verification and what is required by me to complete this process?

Account verification is required to protect your rights as a player and Glimmer’s rights for protection from fraud, money laundering and other illegal activity.

I have forgotten my username and/or password, what do I do?

If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the ‘Retrieve Password’ link on the top of the Portomaso Live website. If you forget your username, you need to contact Customer Support via email on : support@portomasolive.com or via live chat from the Portomaso Live website. You will be requested to provide information like your D.O.B for example to verify your identity.

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password, you need to log into your account, click on the ‘person’ button and click on Password to be able to change your password.


What currencies can you play in?

Glimmer currently only accepts the Euro (€) currency.


What payments method do you offer?

Glimmer currently offers the following payment methods :
Depositing Methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Cards (Visa & Master Card), Moneybookers, Neteller, Webmoney, Paysafe Card, iDeal
Withdrawals Methods: Bank Transfer, Moneybookers, Credit Cards (Visa & Master Card), Neteller

How do I check my financial transactions?

You can check details of all your financial transactions with Glimmer by logging into your account and clicking on the € symbol on the top of the Portomaso Live website.

Can I register multiple credit/debit cards?

Unfortunately the system will not allow you to use more than one credit/debit card at the same time on the same account. For security reasons, you can only use one card in order to deposit and withdraw funds. In the case that your card has expired or a new one has been issued to you, please contact customer support on : support@portomasolive.com.

How do I place a deposit?

In order to place a deposit, you need to log into your Portomaso Live account, click on the ‘piggy bank’ sign and deposit using 1 of the available depositing methods which currently are : Bank Transfer, Credit Cards (Visa & Master Card), Moneybookers, Neteller, Webmoney, Paysafe Card, iDeal.

What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts?

Minimum deposit is 10€. Maximum deposit amount for 1st time depositors is 200€. After player authentication process has been completed, a player can deposit up to 1000€ per transaction.


How do I make a withdrawal?

In order to request a withdrawal, you need to log into your account, click on the € sign and click on ‘Request Withdrawal’. For your first withdrawal, you need to use the same payment method that you have used for your deposits. You will also be requested to provide documentation to prove authenticity. The current payment methods available for withdrawals are : Bank Transfer, Visa, Moneybookers and Neteller.

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawals allowed?

The minimum withdrawal amount via Visa and E-wallet payment methods (Moneybookers &Neteller) is 10€ and the minimum withdrawal amount via bank transfer is 30€. The maximum withdrawal amount for all payment methods is 5000€ a day.

Does Glimmer Ltd apply any charges for withdrawals?

This depends on the payment method chosen. Currently for bank transfer withdrawals, Glimmer applies a 5€ transaction fee per transaction.

How can I identify payments made by Glimmer Limited on my bank statement?

The payment issuer on the bank statement for Glimmer payments, will appear as made by ‘World Pay’.


How safe is it to give my credit card details over the internet?

Glimmer Limited uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption to protect the details of all electronic transactions. This is the same high level security implemented by all major global financial institutions. Our Payment Service Providers ensure the integrity of customer accounts as well as payments made to them. This is another reason why customer account, payment method verification and a signed deposit history of transactions are requested to eliminate the possibilities of fraudulent transactions.